Wealth Enhancing Tips for Improving the Feng Shui of Your Door

Feng Shui coins at front door

Feng Shui Main Door / March 28, 2018

Feng Shui entrance and front door spaces to your home or business, must be set up to invite critical CHI Energy into an area. CHI, the vital Life Force Energy that swirls throughout the Universe, brings wealth and well-being to us.

Blocks or deterrents to CHI Energy must be removed to allow the healthy CHI Flow to enter into our surroundings.

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Link the energy of abundance to your entrance by placing nine coins in both the entryway and the actual abundance sector of your home.

Here’s an important Feng Shui entrance question: Do you enter and leave your home through your front door? For convenience, many busy people use their garage or back doors to come and go into their homes and neglect the importance of their front entrance.

In Feng Shui, the main entrance into your home is the portal though which your good energy, Chi, flows into your home and life. As you leave for the day, your doorway frames your first view of the outside world, so encourage yourself to enter and exit through a harmonious and inviting entry way that will support your positive self-image.

The importance of Chi energy flowing in and out of the entrances to our homes is vital to our feeling of well-being in the world. Entrances represent the “Mouth of Chi” and should be enhanced to support blessings entering through our personal gateways.

Just as important, remember that your visitors receive their first impression about who you are and what you’re about by observing the gateway into your home.

Feng Shui EntranceIn classic Feng Shui, the front door can be painted a shade of red to attract good energy or black to attract wealth. Once inside, continue your welcome in the foyer or entryway by including indoor greeters, such lush plants, a fish tank or a large mirror on a side wall to enhance a small space.

The front entrance is a powerful gathering place for positive energy that supports the well-being of you, your family and visitors – so use it often!

These beautiful and extraordinary custom doors are all designed and built by Victor Klassen. Merging sculpture with door design he has created the famous Trapped in Wood series door and countless custom creations.

The Front Door or Main Entrance

Here are a few points for setting up a delightful Feng Shui entrance to your home:

  • Revitalize your front door: the entrance is the all-importantmouth of Chi
  • Place greeters on either side of the front door
  • Add color and warmth by adding flowers and green plants outside the door
  • Make the walk way to the front door a welcoming path for guests

Our Pot of Gold Feng Shui applications can be inexpensive and personally creative. We bought this brass pot at a garage sale for $3.00, and spent a few dollars for 5 bags of painted small gold rocks at Pier I. We cleaned the pot, propped up a board across the inside bottom, and added the gold rocks on top.

Now, we - and our visitors - enjoy smiling at our fun prosperity reminder that sets just outside of our front door!

The Front Door Greeters welcome Good Chi

Beautiful greeters such as brightly colored flowerpots, carved statues, fountains or outdoor art, should welcome you and your guests.

Personally selected or created artwork can be most uplifting and should be considered when creating an inviting setting.

Ideally, the entrance will be both safe and beautiful with no clutter to block the flow of the nourishing Chi energy. The path leading to the front door should be well-lighted and clear of obstructions, including overgrown bushes or unrepaired sidewalks.

Flower Pot Greeters at The Norlin Library on the campus of
The University of Colorado at Boulder assist with an attractive Feng Shui entrance

Your Feng Shui Entrance - The Foyer

  • Direct the Chi flow through doors into the foyer
  • Use artwork or plants to warm the area and direct Chi flow
  • Place fresh-cut flowers in vases in the foyer to invite positive energy inside

Source: www.feng-shui-vibes.com