How to Incorporate Feng Shui For Bedroom: Creating a Calm & Serene

Feng Shui closet Doors

Feng Shui Main Door / December 14, 2018

blog-design-speak-image2Although feng shui dates back thousands of years, it remains one of the most popular design philosophies. While this ancient Chinese art once used astrology to lay out congruent cities, today it’s more about utilizing various principles to find good “qi, ” which translates to “perfect spot.”

When it comes to closets, we could all use good qi. You can easily implement some classic feng shui strategies into your space so that every time you open those closet doors you experience serenity and calm, rather than disorder and chaos.

Follow the step-by-step guide below to give your closet space good qi.

1. De-clutter the space.

Before you can apply the principles of feng shui, you need to make sure you absolutely love everything in your closet. The average person only wears 20 percent of his or her wardrobe, meaning that there are likely quite a few pieces in your closet that you could donate or re-sell without ever missing them. Plus, when you look and feel great in your clothes, this has a significant effect on your positive energy and how you see yourself.

To separate what stays and what goes, take everything out of your closet, then try everything on. Each item that fits, looks amazing on you, and makes you feel fabulous, goes back in. Anything that’s dated, worn, stained, unflattering or doesn’t fit stays out — for good. Decide which discarded pieces you could sell on consignment, if you’d like, then bag up the rest for donation.

blog-feng-shui-bnnr2. Reorder your wardrobe.

Now it’s time to creative a positive energy flow with your pared-down wardrobe. Place your clothes in this order, going from left to right, for each category:

  • Your work clothes: these represent prosperity.
  • Your casual wear: the clothes you wear on the weekends or when you’re hanging out with your family and friends represent your relationships with loved ones.
  • Your creative wear: anything in your wardrobe that you wear when you’re crafting, gardening, baking and so on — these represent inspiration and your artistic side.
  • Your formal wear: these items represent success.
  • Your love life items: clothing you wear on date night, and your lingerie, represent love.

3. Arrange clothing by color

Once you have your clothes in the right categories, arrange them in the following color order, from left to right within each section: black, brown, blue, green, purple, red, orange, pink, yellow, white, metallic and grey.

4. Organize clothing by type

After you’ve organized by color, arrange your clothing by type within each hue. Place items from long sleeve to short sleeve and long dresses to short dresses (or vice versa). It doesn’t matter how you order your clothing types, just that you stay consistent in each section.

5. Give your closet a cohesive look

Once you’ve properly aligned your clothes, you’ll want to make sure your entire closet space looks uniform. Simple changes, such as having matching hangers, making sure all hangers face the same way and placing items you can’t hang up in identical, labeled bins can bring unity to your closet. Doing this creates a harmonious flow by ensuring each component is standardized and easy for you to locate.