David 3816: Clock Feng Shui

Feng Shui Clock Facing front door

Feng Shui Main Door / May 3, 2019

The Chinese believe it is bad luck to receive or give a clock as a gift, as clocks represent the passage of time and therefore it is also a reminder of getting older. Many people also experienced that clock stopped when someone in their family died. In general, clocks arent deemed auspicious in feng shui.

However, in our busy homes and modern lifestyIe, a clock is a necessity. There are a few things to keep in mind when placing clocks in your house. Good places to display a clock are in the kitchen and living room. Other suitable place is in the home office. Best place to display your clock is on the dragon side of your house (left side of your house). Best shape for clocks in feng shui are round, octagonal and hexagonal.

A big clock (or clocks) should never be placed in your bedroom (place for sleeping). The bedroom is the place where time “slows down” so anything that create Yang energies should never be located there. If you need to have it in the bedroom then you should instead place a small alarm clock or clock that can easily be tucked away.

A clock should also never be displayed in the East (the Health area) or places where we can easily see it as we enter the house. Clocks represent metal and placing them in a wood sector is not recommended.

Never hang clocks or calendars above, on front or back doorways. Clocks hung this way symbolizes how many days are left in your life and therefore is bad for longevity. Dont hang a clock that is too high on your wall as this means time is over you and thus implies death.

Avoid displaying a broken clock or anything that is broken in your home. Hanging a clock that is over-sized can make you feel pressured, you may even feel physically ill. Over-sized clock can also mean there will be an oversized emphasis on time.

Source: chinesehoroscop-e.com