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Feng Shui Bracelets

Symbols / February 27, 2020

LiveStrong Calorie TrackerWind and water translates to Feng Shui. According to Lillian Too, author of "The Complete Illustrated Guide to Feng Shui, " in its literal sense, this refers to the earth's topography. Auspicious Feng Shui occurs when two complementary energies, yin and yang, work in harmony and balance. Feng Shui advisers implement this practice in a seekers' home or office space to enhance specific areas of their life, such as career and relationships. Advisers use a compass and an eight-sided symbol referred to as the Pa Kua as a guide to re-position furniture and accessories in auspicious locations. Create a Feng Shui bracelet using the same principles to attract desired intentions like wealth with lucky Chinese coins.

Turn all of the coins with the yang side facing up. Chinese coins have characters on each side; the yang side has four characters and the yin side has two characters. The coins, used as an amulet, represent the metal element, which increases wealth and cash flow.

Choose the number of coins associated with your desired intention. For instance, three represents financial support, six represents heaven luck, and nine represents abundance from heaven and earth working in harmony. The nine coins also represent the most powerful emperors from the Ching Dynasty.

Overlap each coin to form a row. Do not cover the center square hole. The round shape of the coin represents heaven and the square hole represents the earth.

Measure the length of the selected coins with a ruler. Multiply the number by three to ensure you are working with heaven, earth and man-made luck. For instance, a row of small coins measuring 3 inches in length produces an auspicious nine.

Cut a piece of red string, ribbon or yarn with scissors using the multiplied number from step 4 as the length. If you need to add more length for your wrist size or bracelet design, continue using multiples of three. Make sure you have sufficient length to self-tie.

Weave one of the string ends in an over-and-under pattern. For instance, to make a decorative triangle coin amulet for the bracelet, gently pull each string end to shape the three coins into the triangle pattern, leaving two loose ends.

Attach any additional trims to your bracelet design (optional). As an option, macrame enthusiasts can also use the Chinese Mystic Knot known as the Pan Chang Knot to create a decorative closure attachment.

State your intention, preferably out loud. Though not a physical step used to tie the bracelet, it is a positive energy flow step. Calling forth positive energy referred to as chi, the dragon's cosmic breath creates auspicious Feng Shui.

Self-tie the string ends by overlapping one string end over the other. Form a loop with the two ends and pass one end through it to form the first knot.

Repeat step 3 in this section two more times to total three knots. These three knots represent heaven, earth and man-made luck for auspicious Feng Shui and attracting your desired intention.