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Feng Shui Beginners Guide

Symbols / August 17, 2022

Welcome feng shui beginners! You will find enough free information on this website to get off of automatic and take charge of your life now. Take a few moments to review the valuable information on this website so that you can be sure to get the positive results you desire. You may even want to read how I have applied feng shui successfully in my life.

Word of Advice

Everything is connected and made of energy. So when you change the energy in your home, it directly affects you.

When it comes to the first thing to understand is that everything is energy. You, your home, and your world are connected by distinct energy fields. This is one of the reasons — when you change the energy of your home, you change yourself and your life.

Read the to understand a little more about the fundamental concepts.

The second thing for feng shui beginners to be aware of is why feng shui works. It increases positive energy in your home, it focuses your intention, it revamps the subliminal messages your home conveys to your subconscious, and creates a sacred space. What a valuable piece of arsenal in your personal development toolbox, huh?

Feng shui increases the positive energy in your home, focuses your intention, changes the subliminal messages, and creates a sacred space.

Read a more detailed description of why

Once you understand the basic concepts and why it works, This will explain a little about where feng shui originated, my methodology as a practitioner, and just where the heck to begin.

Life is a decision. Basically, you just have to decide that feng shui can work for you and that you can apply it successfully. Get clear on your decision and intention and just go for it!

Sometimes feng shui beginners are a little nervous or skeptical in regards to this whole “energy” thing. If you are still a little uneasy, then start by reviewing the information on this site and take it for checking. Meaning, does it feel like the truth to you? Can you prove it to yourself?

Still confused or skeptical? Start by clearing clutter. Getting rid of clutter will immediately bring clarity, focus, and peace of mind.

If it doesn’t feel like the truth yet, then start by getting rid of your clutter. is a powerful way to begin making positive changes in your life and gain clarity. Who knows, once you get a little clarity in your life you might find that feng shui is the perfect antidote to your problems. After all, you were led here to begin with, right? Or maybe something way more useful and effective than feng shui will reveal itself to you. What do you have to lose? Aside from a house full of junk that doesn’t serve you in any way.

I wish you the best of luck on your journey!

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