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Feng Shui bedroom Color for Married Couples

Bedroom / June 11, 2018

Married life can really get tough for some people, especially if they are not doing enough to keep the romance alive. In fact, one of the main reasons why marriages fail is the lack of romance or positive energy in the relationship. However, there are some feng shui tips that will certainly promote romance in a married couple's life.

Feng shui is all about promoting the positive vibes around a house, a structure or a person. When you are married to another person, there is an innate need for both of you to have positive energy around each other, because one person's negativity will certainly influence the other as well. Feng shui for love, especially for married couples, will let them find their grounding and certainly make them more capable of leading a happy life together. And knowing the amount of pressure that is being put on individuals and couples nowadays, they will certainly need all the help they can get.

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How to make your house reflect feng shui for romance ?

The house that you share with your loved one is a sign of your love and is also the first place to start if you are looking towards using feng shui to improve love life. You can make your house reflect the status of your relationship and also the status of your marriage. The better your house is, the better the chi and this will certainly make your marriage much happier.

  1. Clean out the clutter: A cluttered mind is always bad news in feng shui. It stands for disorder and chaos, which is exactly what we don't want if we are trying to promote feng shui in marriage here. Hence, if you want to start implementing feng shui, the first step would be to remove all the clutter from your house, so that the energy can flow right.
    Cleaning out the clutter can come in handy for it will also help you get rid of your past, especially your romantic past, so that the house is purged of any influence other than that of you and your spouse.
  2. Get the right bed: The right bed is an important aspect of any relationship. This is the place where you and your spouse connect on a deeper and more intimate level. In order to promote feng shui in marriage, you have to make sure you get the bed right.

    So, what exactly do you have to do for this?

    • Make sure the bed is not pushed into a corner. The bed should be easily accessible from all directions. This promotes positive energy in the room.
    • Make sure that the bed is not put right under the ceiling fan, support beams etc. This will create ripples in the energy or the pressure level on you.
    • Make sure that the feet of the bed does not face the door that is you should not sleep with your feet pointing towards the door.
    • Make sure that there are no mirrors on the side areas of the bed.
    • Make sure it is at least 18 inches off the ground and do not store anything under the bed.
    • A king size bed might sound like a good idea, but that is bad feng shui for married couples. A king size bed can keep a couple far from each other, which is the kind of thing that one would like to avoid.
  3. Always keep the doors shut: A bedroom is an intimate place and the reason why you are reading this is because you want to use feng shui to improve love life. Now, there are some small details that you have to keep in mind, especially when it comes to the bedroom. No door should be open in the bedroom, especially during the night time, when you and your spouse go to sleep.
    The open door is a good sign of opportunity, but only in the business field. It is not a good sign in the personal world, for it provides invitation for external influences.
  4. No water bodies: One of the most important tips for feng shui for romance would be to avoid water bodies in the room. This does not necessarily mean a water fall. Even a small fountain or even an aquarium would be a bad idea inside a bedroom. Having water bodies is really not a sign of good feng shui for love.
  5. Remove the television: You should certainly not keep a television or a radio inside the bedroom. This is also a disruptive force and it can really draw attention away from the more important things. There are some feng shui theories that even state that having a television in your bedroom is like an invite for a third party to come into this relationship.
  6. Greenery:

    Greenery can be really handy as a tip for feng shui for love. Flowers have always been symbols of love, beauty and life and it would be beneficial for you to have flowers in the bedroom or even the house. Keep the flowers in the southwest corner as much as you can.

    Greenery, especially flowers, is best when it is fresh, so keep real plants and flowers around in the house. But if you cannot really take care of plants that much, get plants or flowers that are made of artificial materials, like silk. You have to take care and remove all dead flowers and leaves as regularly as you can for this is certainly an unwelcome aspect of feng shui for love.

    When buying a plant, buy a big plant with big leaves- they are the best kinds. However, you have to avoid cacti and other prickly plants, at all costs.

  7. Have twos of everything: Most people have walked into houses of couples, seen things that are kept in twos and just think that it is precious. Well, it is quite romantic, but that is not the only reason why you should keep things in twos. Feng shui for romance dictates that you have things in pairs around the house. Have twos of everything, as much as you can (except for gadgets). For example, instead of having one side table, have two side tables. Instead of one frame on the wall, hang two. That is certainly feng shui to improve love life.
  8. Choose the right colours for the house: When it comes to wearing clothes or painting the house, you have to choose the right colour. It has to be compatible with feng shui for married couples as well. Go for the romantic colours, for they will certainly enhance the romance aspect in the relationship. Pink, red, etc. are good options (pink is more of romance, whereas red is sensual energy). Avoid using black, brown and green in the decoration.

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