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Feng Shui bed Facing Windows

Feng Shui For Beds / September 26, 2016

I live in a studio apartment (600 square feet) with an open layout that's a bit challenging to work with. I have this beautiful IKEA Hemnes daybed. Just yesterday I moved it to a new location that I thought would make better use of the space.
However when I raved about it with my mom over the phone, she didn't think the new location is a good idea because the bed is:

1) now facing the only window in my apartment: a sliding glass patio door that takes up almost an entire wall. I looked it up and apparently it's bad chi according to feng shui.

2) I just realized also that with this new spot for the bed, my back is facing a wall, and I can no longer see the door (since it's a studio, only one door in my apartment). In fact the reason I moved the bed to its new spot was to create more privacy (I don't like the bed to be seen right when people enter), but now I realize maybe it's bad luck since I can no longer see the door nor the entire apartment from my bed.

So my questions are:

1. Is it crucial to be able to see the entire room/door from your bed, even in a studio apartment? I only have one room, so it's hard to apply the traditional feng shui principles which assume you have a living space with multiple rooms and doors.

2. Is it really bad chi / bad luck if your bed faces the window *and* positioned so that your back is to the door (my back isn't directly against the door - there are several walls between it and the door, but the wall my bed is against runs parallel to the door).

Source: ask.metafilter.com