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Feng Shui bed Facing door Solutions

Symbols / May 27, 2022

As mentioned in my previous post on bedroom Feng Shui taboo, it is not good to have any part of your bed facing the door because it will cause health problem to different parts of your body depending on the door facing.

What are the effects?

a. Door facing head – It will cause headache/migraine or even lead to nightmares

b. Door facing stomach – It will cause gastric and stomach problems

c. Door facing right of your body – It will cause right chest pain and liver issue

d.Door facing left of your body – It will cause left chest pain and gastric issue

e. Door facing legs – It will cause problem relating to your lower body, for example, sore legs or even accident that leads to operation to your legs.

Bed facing the room doorNote: It is bad Feng shui if your bed is directly facing the door. If the sight of the door can be seen from your bed, it is fine, so do not be mistaken.

What are the Feng Shui Cure and Remedies?

Firstly, It is always recommended to move your bed to a location that does not face the door directly. But usually, this first solution is not feasible because of the space constraint in the room.

Secondly, you can consider placing a screen divider (it must not be translucent or transparent as it will defy the purpose) between your bed and the door to block the negative “sha qi”.

Lastly, if all above mentioned solution is not feasible, you can hang a five Feng shui coin tassels at the door frame to neutralize the “Sha Qi”

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