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Feng Shui Apartment living room

Room / August 31, 2018

Applying feng shui in a small apartment or studio can be a challenge, as often there is little or no separation between your living, working and sleeping space. In other words, how do you apply feng shui if your bedroom is part of your living room, and the kitchen is right close to it, all areas with no walls to separate the different feng shui energies?

Even though this is a common situation in many big cities, it does not mean you can't have good feng shui in a small apartment or a...MORE

2. The subtle skill of creating a harmonious division between different open areas.

Clutter clearing with feng shui, once you get to start practicing it, can become a really exciting and healing process. How about knowing how to create separations between areas with different activities, though? Wouldn't that make the space look even smaller? It might.

But you have to keep trying until you find the perfect solution for your small living space. Basically, you need to create pathways of energy in your small space and provide as much privacy as possible for your bedroom.

Each space will ask for specific solutions, you might be working from home, for example, thus you will need to deal with more space dividers/separations in your home. Some of the typical feng shui dividers for a small studio and apartment are: various screens (from rice paper ones to ornately painted screens), tall plants, a bookshelf or a row of curtains. To help you decide the best type of space divider to use, first find out the feng shui energy / feng shui element needed in the area. Knowing which feng shui element is needed for good feng shui in your home will help you with your choice.

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