Feng Shui en el Hogar: Cuando el Feng Shui No Funciona

El Feng Shui

Symbols / August 29, 2022

Alina Cruz

Alina’s love affair with Feng Shui is rooted deeply in the energy work that she has been offering for the last fifteen years. As a Reiki practitioner and yoga teacher she helps others to balance their personal energy in order to achieve a healthy, whole, contented state of being. When Alina was introduced to Feng Shui she realized that it was the missing piece to create a harmonized life. She began to study Feng Shui right away, and after several years exploring the beautiful art and science, she completed her Feng Shui certification with the International Feng Shui School. Now with a deep sense of gratitude she practices Feng Shui and shares her joy helping others learn to do the same. Born in Ecuador and raised both in the United States and abroad, Alina is bilingual and bicultural, and she enjoys teaching in both English and Spanish.

El amor que Alina siente por el Feng Shui y su enseñanza tiene raíces profundas en el trabajo de la energía que ha ofrecido durante los últimos quince años. Como practicante del Reiki y maestra del yoga Alina ayudada a otros a equilibrar su energía personal a fin de lograr un estado de salud balanceado, contento, y total. Al aprender sobre el Feng Shui, ella se dio cuenta que éste era la pieza que faltaba en la creación de una vida armonizada. Alina comenzó a estudiarlo de inmediato, y despues de varios años explorando este arte y ciencia tan bella, recibió su certificación de Maestra de Feng Shui en la Escuela Internacional de Feng Shui. Ahora con un agradecimiento profundo practica el Feng Shui y comparte su alegría al ayudar a otros a aprender hacer lo mismo. Al nacer en el Ecuador y al haber crecido tanto en los Estados Unidos como en el extranjero, es bilingüe y bicultural, y goza de enseñar tanto en inglés como en español.

Justine Hernandez

Feng Shui arrived in Justine’s life with divine timing when she began searching for something deeper to help others to grow, be inspired, find their inner creativity, and experience all-around balance and joy in life. Justine found that Feng Shui offers all of these elements and so much more. She admired the balance of science in Feng Shui with how it unlocks the power of intention, words, actions, and thoughts. The potent positive impact of Feng Shui in Justine’s experience has inspired her to share this light that has been her passion for so many years.

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