Feng Shui Earth Element Decorating Tips

Earth Color in Feng Shui

Colors / September 20, 2019

Earth feng shui element is definitely the element that each home or office should have. Of course, we need all 5 feng shui elements for our well being – in different proportions for different spaces and different people – but trust me that earth element is the one to strengthen in your home no matter what your personal birth element is.

As you can guess from the name, the earth feng shui element brings the energy of nourishment, stability, support and caring patience.

With the very disconnected, hectic, as well as vastly artificial way of modern life, a strong earth element in your space will bring you back to your own center, calm and reassure you, as well as provide stable support for all of your endeavours.

Earth feng shui element is especially welcomed in the bedroom, its warm, nourishing, earthy and welcoming feel brings the best energies for the bedroom, especially when combined with a bit of fire feng shui element.

We say Mother Earth in almost any known language and culture, so the energy of earth element is first and foremost a very nurturing, strong and protective feminine energy. It gives and sustains life, it protects, it cherishes and it heals – all the good things a mother does!

In feng shui the earth element is created by, or produced (in the cycle of 5 feng shui elements) by the element of Fire, so there is a strong and powerful connection between these two.

My own personal birth element is earth and this explains the abundance of calming earthy colours in my home, as well as my sometimes over the board love for crystals and stones!

I also have a lot of fire element in my energy make up (we have all 5 elements just in different proportions); so an earthy decor helps absorb some of the excess fire that can get triggered in me when I get too busy working on various creative projects.

My earth decor brings me back to balance and calms and strengthens me in a very wholesome way. I feel very nourished and supported by its energy.

However, if your personal birth element is either fire or water, then you might experiment and see when and where to bring the earth element, and when to avoid it.

Generally, it is considered that a predominantly earth element decor can weaken the energy of fire and water element people. Experiment and see if this is right for you, as we are all unique and have different factors to look at when creating a good feng shui home or office.

As with the other elements info, I am structuring the earth feng shui element decorating basics in 3 clear and easy sections: “When”, “Where” and “How”; and then the infographic below should help assimilate and apply the feng shui info.

Source: www.knowfengshui.com