Feng Shui Lucky Directions for Your Desk or Bed

Desk in Bedroom Feng Shui

Symbols / July 8, 2021

Good office Feng Shui desk and layout advice can change the way you feel at work.

There is no limit to what good Feng Shui in the office can do for your. Your efforts are recognized and rewarded. You can and will be promoted.

And you can use good Feng Shui office energy to meet everyday challenges of your job no matter how high you move up to.

The Best Feng Shui Office Desk Positions

3 most important Feng Shui office desk rules to follow:

1. Place your desk in a Commanding Position

Good position of your desk is a key matter for your career success.

It will focus all the energy in your office and put you in command and control over your career.

  • Place your desk as far as possible from the entrance to eliminate distraction and fast Chi. The strongest and most beneficial Chi accumulates toward the rear of office or building.
  • According to Feng Shui your desk should be positioned so you can see the door clearly when sitting behind your desk.
  • If you sit with your back to the door, you are inviting others to take advantage of you. You are also turning your back to the incoming opportunities and blessings for your career - You are "unavailable"
  • If you can't turn the desk to see the door, Feng Shui office cure advices to place a desk or . This allows you to see the door and who is coming in or leaving your office. This cure symbolically places the door in front of you and lets you take control.
  • One of the best power desk position is to sit with your back to a solid wall or corner without windows behind your back. Any windows or doors behind your back will again make you feel vulnerable.

Source: www.gowithharmony.com