Clearing Clutter with Feng Shui to De-stress your Life

Clearing Clutter with Feng Shui

Symbols / July 18, 2022

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When looking through the Feng Shui shelf at any large bookstore we find more and more books describing a topic close to Feng Shui itself, CLUTTER CLEARING. Karen Kingston from England was one of the first to publish a popular book on the subject about 5 years ago.

She told a story at a workshop about the final stage of writing the book which is quite funny.
After having sent the manuscripts to her publishers she did not hear back from them for a long time. However, she was traveling around the world at the time and did not take much notice. When she came back to England she called to confirm an appointment with the firm and noticed a unusual silence on the other end of the line.
Arriving for the meeting she could feel people cautiously eyeing her as she made her way through the company. Just at the point when she should start feeling paranoid, the bubble burst. Everybody started laughing admitting that they had tried so hard to unclutter their offices before her visit. Never had a book script created so much personal interest and had so strong an effect on all the employees before.

What is meant by clutter-clearing?

Clearing clutter is the first step to organizing a space. Anything piled up slows down the Q. Piles of paper on the desk, stacks of books in a bedroom, broken furniture in the basement and old boxes in the attic are not good storage solutions. However, all these piles and mounds and stacks and boxes just become obstacles to our quality of living.

This is all considered clearing on the physical, material level. In the next issue, clearing on the energetic level will be discussed. This is called Spaceclearing.

What is considered clutter?

  • Everything you don't either LOVE OR NEED is officially clutter. I'm sure you have heard of the "love it or need it rule". If it is not something that you need or love, you need to get rid of it. Examples of things you need would be; the last seven years of financial records for tax purposes, warranties, old kitchenware because you can't yet afford a new set, etc. Things you love are those things that make you happy when you see them. If you walk in your front door after a long day at work, and the first thing you see is this crystal vase that you can't stand (but it was a wedding present from old Aunt Esther) - get rid of it! These things have a significant impact on the way we experience life.
  • A second category is all unorganized items: papers, books, cassettes and whatever makes a room or house appear untidy and chaotic has to be sorted out. More than the visual mess, in this case, we are concerned in Feng Shui about the energetic impact on the Qi-flow. We'd like the Qi to flow freely and without obstacles through the house.
  • Overloaded space. The particular size of a room only allows so many objects to be "filled in". Sometimes even a tidy home can look overloaded, if the space is too small to hold all the antiques or the growing collection of memorabilia.
  • And as already mentioned, all unfinished projects need to be reconsidered.

What does clutter do to you?