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Symbols / July 23, 2021

The ancient Chinese tradition of hanging a fu symbol on the front door is still practiced during the Chinese Spring Festival and Chinese New Year. This practice began in 256 B.C. during the Zhou Dynasty to keep the Goddess of Poverty from visiting and residing in your home. Today, the symbol represents a year of good luck, prosperity and happiness.

Artists often draw fu symbols in black ink calligraphy on red paper to be hung in homes as a feng shui cure to attract positive energy. These beautiful good luck symbols are also popular on jewelry as charms and pendants.

2. Other Lucky Characters

Other Chinese characters representing good luck include:

  • Xi: Popular at Chinese weddings, this symbol represents double happiness and good luck.
  • He: This is a good luck symbol for harmonious relationships.
  • Ji: Give this symbol for good luck and a wish that all is well for a housewarming gift.
  • Lu: Prosperity, good fortune and wealth come with this character.

3. Chinese Dragons

Imperial Dragon

You'll find the dragon motif throughout Chinese architecture, such as palaces, walls, bridges, temples and even household items such as china and serving bowls. Some dragon names are spelled differently depending on the region of the country, but they all retain the same properties. You can place any of the nine dragons in various sectors of your home to activate the specific chi energy the dragon represents.

  • Baxia (Bixi): The most commonly recognized symbol is the dragon tortoise (turtle dragon). He is powerful and strong and capable of bearing life's burdens. He brings long life of prosperity and strength.
  • Bi An (Bian): This dragon is a protector of the law and considered to be a fair judge. Use this auspicious symbol for any legal issues you may face.
  • Chi Wen (Chao Feng or Chiwen): This dragon governs water and is used on roofs to ensure protection against fire. Place one inside your home to protect against natural disasters such as floods.

    Chi Wen

  • Gongfu (Gong Fu): This water dragon god enjoys swimming in lakes and other bodies of water. He brings wealth to your home and protects you from floods and is often used on ships.
  • Pu Lao (Puloa): This dragon roars and rules over sounds.It is often used as a motif for temple bells. Place one on your desk to command authority.
  • Ch'iu niu (Quiniu) : The dragon god loves music and is the creative symbol often found carved onto musical instruments or as a relief motif.
  • Suan Ni (Suanni): The lion dragon of fire and smoke sits and watches over his kingdom. This dragon god bestows wisdom and great wealth to those who use this symbol.

    Suan Ni

  • Taotie (Tootie): If you need wealth, add a token of this food loving dragon with bronze and other metal bowls, plates, and other serving pieces. Many china patterns include an image of this dragon god.
  • Ya Zi (Yazi) : The protector dragon god is a fierce warrior and always victorious in war. This is a symbol for those in the military to wear as a median to imbues Yazi's energy

4. Lucky Golden Cat

According to the World of Feng Shui website, a product of Lillian Too, renowned feng shui master, cats in Chinese mythology are typically bad omens, unless they are golden cats. The latter color of cat signifies the transformation of what might be a very inauspicious event into one with an auspicious outcome.

Source: feng-shui.lovetoknow.com