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Symbols / March 13, 2020

Lucky Bamboo and Symbolic Chinese Number Meanings

The meanings then become a factor of which dialect you are speaking. Fortunately, the regional meanings remain similar in nature and taken together, enrich rather than contradict each other. Instead of one word, a number has several inflections from different dialects. . ThThe Symbolic number meaning of the number of objects is based on the sound of that number being similar to the sound of a positive trait or life objective. Unfortunately, the Chinese culture was spread over a large area, where people were separated by physical barriers such as mountains and political allegiance. This isolation leads to regional dialects and different pronunciation even within the same dialect. e main point being that the gift that is given has meaning to both the giver and the receiver.

1 Lucky Bamboo. One sounds in larger dialects, it is most associated with things that are easy or simple. Like our tradition of the single rose, the Chinese meaning of one is of truth or commitment.

2 Lucky Bamboos. Two is a lucky number. Chinese numerical meanings are for only good things, “good things come in pairs”. One could also infer that two meant the wish for luck for a new couple.

3 Lucky Bamboos. Sounding like birth or life, the number three is often associated with new things or a new beginning. Wishing a happy birthday, success at a new venture or a change in life is well within the meaning of three.

5 Lucky Bamboos . Widely associated with the Chinese five elements of water, fire, earth, wood and metal, the number five represents balance or the peace between elements when they are in balance. Health is frequently the benefit of this balance.

The emperor of China was associated with the five elements and all powerful. Giving the number five is also associated with the achievement of a goal or change of status.

6 Lucky Bamboos. In Cantonese, six sounds most like the word for a blessing. Other dialects reflect happiness and success in business. Harmony seems to be the more general meaning.

7 Lucky Bamboos. Sounding most like terms indicating togetherness, the number seven is very lucky for relationships. Any group of any number that have a common bound or goal could add to the odds of success with the association of the number seven.

8 Lucky Bamboos. Usually, prosperity or wealth, but in Cantonese it sounds like the word for joy. It is probably a reasonable step to equate prosperity and wealth with joy. The Chinese businesses like to incorporate eight into their business as much as possible. Telephone numbers, addresses, eight floor offices and even business names with eights are very desirable. In Canton, the number 88 is called double joy.

9 Lucky Bamboos. The number nine sounds similar to words for harmony and unity. Nine is most associated with long lasting relationships and most often used in various ways at weddings.