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Best Feng Shui Color for bathroom

Colors / June 27, 2019

A proper feng shui bathroom encourages both purification and renewal and is a wonderful place to release what is unwanted in your life. You can easily transform your bathroom into a symbol of vitality that will assist you in letting go of everything that no longer serves you. Keep your bathroom well-ventilated, well lit, and full of beautiful and healthy colors like blues and greens. Live plants purify the air and bring vitality and freshness while images of nature suggest rejuvenation.

Your bathroom should be clean, beautiful and clutter-free. Use your bathroom as a sacred place for purification of body, mind and spirit.

Take the opportunity to transform your daily shower or bath into a ritual of cleansing and purification. As you cleanse your body, simply hold the intention that you are “washing away the old and making room for the new.” I know it sounds too simple, but I’ve found it to be a very profound and intentional act that centers the mind and releases negativity.

Do not put photographs of yourself, friends, or family members in your bathroom. The same goes for any images relating to your career, personal projects or passions – you’ll just be flushing them down the drain if you do! You also want to make sure that the bedroom and bathroom are visually separated — use a screen or curtain if necessary.

What are the best bathroom colors?

Word of Advice

Green, blue, and white are terrific bathroom colors in feng shui, because they represent purification and renewal.

There are two things to consider when choosing your bathroom colors. First is the location of the bathroom on the bagua map. For instance, if your bathroom is in the fame/reputation area of your home, you may want to incorporate the color red.

Greens and blues are particularly beneficial bathroom colors since blue represents water, which cleanses and purifies while green represents life, new growth and beginnings. White is also a wonderful symbol of purity and cleanliness.

Top 10 Best Feng Shui Tips For Your Bathroom

  1. Your bathroom must be beautiful and clutter-free
  2. Keep it well-ventilated to allow air and energy to flow. It will also smell better this way.
  3. Your bathroom should be well lit
  4. Use beautiful and healthy colors like greens and blues
  5. Place live plants to purify the air and bring in vital energy
  6. Use appropriate images as a metaphor for purification and renewal— like trees, flowers, meadows, the sea, and rivers
  7. Keep toilet lid down and the door closed
  8. Keep drains closed when not in use
  9. Add some wood elements to balance the water
  10. Uplift and enhance energy with a faceted crystal
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