What Is the Feng Shui of Plants in the Bedroom?

Bedroom plants Feng Shui

Symbols / September 9, 2022

The topic of plants in the bedroom and whether they are good feng shui or bad feng shui is hotly debated. Conventional wisdom comes down on the side of plants in the bedroom are bad feng sui. One of the bedroom's main purposes is sleep (the other is romance). Plants affect how you sleep, which makes them unsuitable for feng shui and the bedroom.

  • Plants have a strong and vibrant energy of growth and movement—yang energy—which is not the feng shui energy recommended for the bedroom. There are many excellent areas in your home to have lush, vibrant plants, such as the East and Southeast feng shui areas. Your bedroom, however, is not the best feng shui area to have plants.
  • Plants release some carbon dioxide at night. The amount depends on many factors. Photosynthesis produces oxygen, but photosynthesis doesn't take place when there is no light. At night, most plants give off more carbon dioxide than they absorb.

How Carbon Dioxide Affects Your Sleep

High levels of carbon dioxide in your blood affect your concentration and make you sleepy; mild levels of carbon dioxide stimulate sleep. Sounds like a perfect arrangement for the bedroom, right? Not so fast.

As the night goes on and the air in the room has increasingly more carbon dioxide, your blood may have an abnormally high concentration of CO2. Your body responds by increasing your breathing rate to access more oxygen. This takes the form of short, quick breaths, small gasps and head-tossing.The change in your breathing pattern and the accompanying activity is what disrupts your sleep.

What About Plants in Large Bedrooms?

If you have a big bedroom, one small or medium-sized plant in a corner won't affect your sleep patterns or air quality.

Small plants such as spider plants, Boston ferns, and peace lilies are acceptable. If your room is large, a single palm or other large plant is also acceptable.

How to Add Good Feng Shui to Your Bedroom

A good feng shui bedroom is soothing and calm. It promotes a flow of sensual and nourishing energy.

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