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Bedroom Mirrors Feng Shui

Symbols / April 26, 2022

I was waiting at a red traffic light on my way to a feng shui consultation when a car pulled up next to me, windows rolled down. I looked over and was surprised when I heard the driver ask, "Is it bad feng shui to have a mirror in my bedroom?"

First, I wondered how on earth he knew that I was a feng shui practitioner in the first place. But before I could figure that one out, I blurted a response: "How well do you sleep?" "Fine, " he said. So I said the mirror was totally OK and drove away, soon remembering the magnetic sign on my driver's side that read "Luminous Spaces Feng Shui."

Mirrors are great tools for improving the feng shui in our homes.

Early in my feng shui training, I learned about the power of mirrors to improve the energy in our homes. These surfaces reflect everything in our spaces right back onto us, so if you are having trouble sleeping or experiencing nightmares, a mirror may be to blame. You can cover the mirror at night for a few weeks and see if sleep improves.

Beyond bedrooms, mirrors are great tools for improving the feng shui in our homes. Here are some of the most effective ways to use them.

1. Deflect negative chi.

In order to keep challenges outside your home from coming in, you can hang a Bagua mirror (a 6-inch octagon with a round mirror in the center) over the outside of your front door. I hung a mirror to deflect the electrical transformer on my street, but you might hang one to offset a neglected lot nearby, oncoming traffic, a church (remember there are funerals there as well as happy occasions), a water tower or large power line, or even a graveyard (need I say more?).

2. Mend a bad relationship with neighbors.

Most of us have had a poor relationship with neighbors at some point and know how challenging they can be. In order to shift this negative energy, you can hang a small, round mirror on a fence that faces into your property. Every time you look into it, imagine that it is opening a portal of loving kindness with your neighbor. This has been really effective for many of my clients, believe it or not!


3. Fill a "missing" area.

When you apply the feng shui Bagua map to your home, you may have a "missing" area. In this case, locate the two walls that are adjacent to this missing area and hang a mirror on both in order to visually extend the space.

4. Stimulate action in your career.

Since mirrors are yang (stimulating and energetic), placing them inside of your foyer or front door is thought to help inspire you to take action once you step outside.

Source: www.mindbodygreen.com