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Animal Crossing Wild World Feng Shui

Symbols / March 10, 2017

Feng Shui is the art of placing different colors of furniture in specific parts of your rooms, to bring luck and good fortune. Furniture colors are not always obvious just by looking at a piece of furniture, so it helps to have a good reference handy to find out what colors your pieces of furniture are.

How do I get good Feng Shui?

For good Feng Shui, you should put yellow items on left side of each room in your house. Yellow items on the left increase the amount of money you get from neighbors. Put green items along the nearest wall of each room, and red items along the right side of each room, for good luck with finding rare furniture.

Does it work in all of my rooms?

Yes, except for the attic. Every room in your house that you can put furniture into contributes to your Feng Shui.

What are the specific Feng Shui zones in my rooms?

A 4x4 room is divided up as follows:

Yellow, Green Yellow, Green Red, Green Red, Green

A 6x6 room is divided up as follows:

An 8x8 room is divided up as follows:

What does Red and Green Feng Shui do?

If you have good Red and Green Feng Shui (that is, many red and green furniture items in the red and green areas of each room), then you can expect to find items in Nook's store that are more rare than the usual items you see in his store.

What does Yellow Feng Shui do?

Yellow Feng Shui influences the money that you get from and give to your neighbors. More Yellow Feng Shui will mean that you get more money from villagers as rewards for tasks, more money when villagers buy things from you, and villagers will ask you for less money when they try to sell you things.

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